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If your HP printer keeps going offline, then you need to take specific measures that we are going to discuss. Firstly, you need to check the printer offline settings, and for that on search box type devices and printers and select the name of your printer now, you need to the right click on the printer name and click use printer online. Another method is to choose your printer as the default printer, for go to the control panel again, click devices and printer and then right-click on your HP Printer, and choose Set as default printer. These methods will rectify printer offline problems, if still your HP Printer keeps going offline, then consider taking the help of experts.

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How to get the WPS pin?

WPS pin or WiFi protected setup pin is a method to connect to a wireless network. You can either connect through the WPS button or WPS pin, but first, you need to get the WPS pin. To receive the pin, you will have to go to the control panel of your HP Printer and then press the Wireless button and c...

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